Semi-Annual Meeting

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It's that time again! Our Semi-Annual Club Meeting! We have a lot of things to do at this meeting, so please try your hardest to make this one (Remember you need to make at least one a year).
This year we will have our meeting August 20th, right after our match vs High Sierra at home. Carla Burke has offered to host it at our house in Nevada City (11600 Red Dog Rd). 2:00pm. (note that this date was changed on the schedule) The Club will be providing BBQ Chicken (the Chief's Choice) as well as soda's and water. We'd like everyone to a 'side' or snack/desert pot-luck style in addition. Should be great fun to hang out on Carla's new deck!
Please RSVP if you can make it (even if you're not bowling that weekend, please try and make the meeting!) that way we can know how many to expect for the BBQ.

To RSVP please go to the website: or click one of the links below:

On the agenda will be recap of the year, our finances and the election of new officers for the board.

Officer's up for re-election are:
  • President
  • Assistant Match Maker
  • Treasurer
  • Sergeant-at-arms
If you're interested in taking on one of these roles, or would like to nominate someone, please drop me a e-mail so I can put the name on the ballet. Carla has said she will continue as Treasurer if the club wishes, but that doesn't mean you can't throw you name in there :). And due to health reasons, Steffi will be stepping down from Sergeant-at-arms, which is why it's on the re-election list early  (which means it will also only be a 1 year term before it's up for re-election).

To quote the by-laws on roles of these officers:

Section 4.01 The President shall preside at all meetings of the general membership. The
President shall be empowered to co-sign checks drawn upon the Club bank account.

Section 4.03 The Assistant Matchmaker shall assist the Matchmaker whenever needed
including maintaining and updating the website schedule and information.

Section 4.05 The Treasurer shall collect all moneys due the Club. Treasurer shall deposit
all money into the Match Club bank account and pay all obligations of the Club. The
Treasurer shall be empowered to co-sign on the Club account. Treasurer will keep and
maintain a ledger of the Club's financial business and be prepared to give an accounting,
either written or verbal as requested. Treasurer shall report all delinquent dues at the
general meetings.

Section 4.06 The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible for the good conduct of the
members at all meetings and match games. Sergeant-at-Arms shall take the count of
votes whenever a vote is taken, standing or written ballot, and shall report his/her count
to the President. The Sergeant-at-Arms will also enforce any fines by members during a
match. If The Sergeant-at-Arms is not present at a match, the Matchmaker will assign
another Officer or Member to this duty.

We'll see you August 20th!

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