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Interested in becoming a Gold Country Match Club Member?

Fill in this form and we'll be in contact with you about how you can become a member!

After you will out this form and I've got your name in the system, you can now go to the schedule and mark yourself available (or not available) for up and coming matches. 
Once I schedule you for your first match, you'll bowl as a guest this first time, afterwards you'll be voted in as a full member by the members present at the match.
Once you're a full member, we'll get a shirt ordered for you, samples are here: Shirt Samples shirt cost is $37.50
Monthly dues of $10 will start once you're voted in and can be paid either at a match or there is a drop box in the pro shop of Prosperity lanes you can use.
On the day of a match, there is a $2 most over pot that everyone is required to get into. This is paid out 100% to each bowler that bowls the most over his/her average each game, and total (so for 4 payouts). We also have a pay from in every game, that you need to score a mark on (spare or strike) if not that's $1, and if you don't make your average it's $1.50/game. So the MOST you have to pay in fines is $7.50. If you bowl over your average and hit the pay frames then you owe nothing there.


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