Gold Country Match Club




Gold Country Match Club is a traveling bowling League. Our club travels to other Match Clubs to compete with them in their bowling centers. Here is a list of a few over night clubs we bowl.



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  • High Sierra Match Club @ High Sierra Lanes Reno NV
  • Shasta Match Club @ Shasta Lanes Redding CA

  • Here is a few single day clubs we bowl.
  • Alpine Alley Kats, Sacramento CA
  • Foothill Match Club, Auburn CA
  • High Sierra Match Club, Reno NV
  • Stockton Match Club, Stockton CA
  • Strikes Match Club, Rocklin CA
    Strikes Match Club @ Strikes Lanes ,Elk Grove CA
  • West Lanes Match Club @ West Lanes , Stockton CA

In return the Match Clubs we bowl come to Grass Valley, CA ( Prosperity Lanes ) to compete with our Club.

New Match Clubs

Gold Country Match Club is looking for new clubs to bowl in Northern California - Nevada or Oregon . If your Club is interested in bowling our club, please Contact Our Matchmaker.

New Members

Our club is looking for new members to bowl in Gold Country Match Club. If you like to bowl, like to travel & to have fun while bowling, please contact our Matchmaker for more information.

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