New President and Sweepers

Posted Jan-21-20 at 5:20 PM By Racine

Robert BarrI'd like to congratulate Robert Barr on being voted in as our new President. Our meeting was well attended and I thank everyone who showed up!

Some other new business was voted on as well. We'll know offer a $10 credit on your dues if you bowl 100 pins over your series average! This is available once per calendar month to all members.

We're also looking at getting a 50 over average pin to offer to guests that bowl at home. We'll probably end up with a custom design as we're not finding anything 'pre-made' that we like.

For sweepers we had about 23 people compete and had a great time doing so. Shellie Leischner was our big over all winner! Congrats!

We voted in a new member, Antonette Barros at the end of sweepers. Antonette will make a great addition to our already great team! 

Photos are here:

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